Born in the mountains of California, but traveling the world, Austin has called many places home. His time seeing the world has led Austin to find inspiration from travel, adventure, and the natural world. His songwriting is a musical storytelling of sorts, often evoking a passionate response to man’s desire for adventure and a longing for the outdoors. Through his melodic and thoughtful lyrics, he allows listeners to be carried away into the stories of his characters.

During his years spent living in Germany, Austin discovered a powerful connection between nature, adventure, and his own musical creativity. So, he embarked on a journey across North America, living full-time in his van while exploring remote landscapes across the continent and connecting with his music. A life on the road.

Now settling in Denver, CO, Austin is working on completing his first full-length album. The songs are inspired by his time exploring the wide expanses of the natural world, and putting himself in the shoes of some of history’s greatest explorers. Austin finds inspiration from the mountains, the trees, and all of the beauty that nature provides - evoking passionate and emotional tales of nature and wanderlust.

Look for the full-length album to be released in 2020.





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